Happy (Very) New Year

Sunday, January 11th, 2004

The holidays are over, and it’s back to Blighty and back to the daily grind for me. Despite the fact that almost everyone in my family (including me) had a cold at some point over the Christmas holidays, we had a great time in Arizona. There was much playing of PlayStation games, much eating of food, much lingering around the breakfast table each morning - and not much revising of term paper, which only caused me a teensy-tiny bit of guilt (the paper got finished on time anyway, so there was no harm done).

Apparently, whatever you do on New Year’s Eve will determine what you do for the rest of the year, and I certainly hope this is the case, because my New Year’s Eve consisted of: shopping for cosmetics, going home to apply said cosmetics, getting all tarted up and heading out to the Cafe Sonoita (a completely funky and absolutely awesome restaurant in the middle of nowhere) for a feast of fresh Maine lobster and succulent prime rib, washed down with hearty local wine. The new year was rung in with a glass of really, really, really peaty Scottish whisky, and then it was off to bed with cozy contentment. I could put up with a year like that.

So far, 2004 (all 11 days of it) has been pretty good. Sure, there’s been work and school (neither of which I really mind - both of which I actually like), but there’s also been music and more fine eating. On January 8th, Jeremy and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary by treating ourselves to dinner at what I am now certain must be Brighton’s finest eating establishment: Sevendials Restaurant. It was fabulous when we went for my birthday six months ago, and it was even more fabulous Thursday night. If you live in Brighton, I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough. I still find myself drooling when I think of the roast duck I ate the other night. Holy yumminess. So, from our wedding reception four years ago at the above-mentioned Cafe Sonoita to our anniversary dinner three nights ago at Sevendials (and 1,460 great dinners in between), this marriage has been one of both nuptial and culinary bliss. Long may it last!

And with that, I think I must go find some lunch.

Jeremy and I on our wedding day


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