Enduring Love by Ian McEwan

April 2004

This book whizzed past me before I realized it. Not only is the book itself quite short, Ian McEwan has a knack of drawing you into and through a story in such a way that makes it almost impossible to stop reading. This book didn't leave the really deep, lasting impression on me that Atonement did, but it's still a mighty fine read - utterly suspenseful and masterfully written. When I read anything by Ian McEwan, I find that at least once during the reading of the book/article/what have you, I will come across a sentence or a paragraph that just hits me with the force of Truth - with a capital "T". I mentioned it before when writing about Atonement, but I have to mention it again here: McEwan has remarkable perception and insight, and he has the thrilling talent to be able to transfer this to the page in a way that makes you think, "Of course! That's how it is!". The man deserves every accolade he's ever gotten.

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