The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene

October 2006

After reading and thoroughly enjoying an article on general relativity which Brian Greene wrote for the New York Times, I knew had to get The Elegant Universe.

The Elegant Universe addresses general relativity, quantam mechanics, and a potential resolution to the conflicts between them: superstring theory. Superstring theory is a hotly debated topic in the physics community, and it’s a fascinating subject if you have any interest in “extreme physics”, like the kind you get when things are really, really big (like black holes) or really, really small (like subatomic particles).

Since these subjects have always interested me, I’m convinced that in a parallel universe (ha ha), I am an astronomer or cosmologist of some sort. In this universe, however, I am not. So while Greene certainly has a knack for making incredibly difficult concepts somewhat easier to grasp, this was still not an easy read for me. I started to flounder at the halfway point - but I pushed on to the end, and I’m glad I did. Don’t let my difficulties put you off: This book is a great introduction to the intricacies of superstring theory.

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