The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber

January 2015

I HATED this book. Hated it from start to finish. It opens with what I found to be an intensely uncomfortable and insincere scene and continues in the same vein until the unsatisfying end. I thought it was racist (why is every single character referred to by their race?), misogynistic (why does the protagonist do nothing but stare at women’s breasts and masturbate?), unbelievable (civilization is clearly collapsing on Earth but the protagonist just feels aggrieved that his wife is complaining about it?) and heartless (see previous comment). The minute I finished reading it, I started trawling the web for reviews that reflected how I felt about it, but most everyone seems to think it’s a wonderful study of love and faith and humanity and…no. It’s not. It’s ugly and self-indulgent and repellent.

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