The Legend of Salter Cane

Tuesday, May 14th, 2002

Wow, I just found the spookiest website for the most amazing band ever: Salter Cane! Gosh, I would absolutely love to see these guys in concert. Why aren’t they playing loads of gigs? Why haven’t they been discovered yet? They’re simply fantastic!

Okay, okay, so I actually play bass with Salter Cane, and the spooky website was created by Jeremy - but vested interest or no, I do think the site is pretty darn cool (and the band as well, for that matter). And I do also wonder why we aren’t playing gigs and haven’t yet been discovered. "The world doesn’t want us, love…" - as Salter Cane would say.



Saw you in Holloway road, London and recently in the wonderfull Hanbury ballroom. you’re a good band, you really must make an album.


PS I’m already on your mail list.

Posted by Steev Burgess


Thanks very much - we’re working on the album!

Posted by Jessica

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