A-rockin' and a-rollin'

Sunday, October 6th, 2002

It seems that whenever I haven’t been working lately, I’ve been sitting in the recording studio pictured below. That’s the Church Road Studio in Hove, where Salter Cane was laying down the grooves last week in some long-haul, late-night recording sessions. The song we recorded will go on a compilation being put together by the Gilded Palace of Sin (which Jeremy has accurately described as the "local alt.country appreciation society"). The compilation should be released nationwide (!) next year, so we really wanted to get this song right.

Getting a 7-minute-long, fairly complicated song "right" is no mean feat, particularly when you’re as picky as we are about what rocks and what doesn’t. Our saving grace was our a sound engineer, Paul, who was as dedicated as we were to getting everything sounding good. There’s no way we can ever repay Paul for his diligence and utter devotion to this recording. If we make it big (ha ha) on the back of this recording, he’ll be at the top of our list of people to thank.

And one more band-related thing: our singer was reading the Source yesterday (the monthly magazine which lists what’s on in Brighton) and came across the printed version of this article. He read through it casually and unexpectedly stumbled across a reference to us in the very last paragraph. The Nick Cave comparison came as no surprise, but the out-of-the-blue endorsement of our music certainly did. Thank you, Lisa Mundy, whoever you may be.

If I tend to go on about seemingly inconsequential things like this, it is only because recognition of any sort is still completely unfamiliar to us as far as the band goes. On the basis of past experience, I’m always expecting people to either actively dislike us or simply not care. So I’m afraid the "You love me, you really love me!" phase is going to hang on for a while longer.

Church Road studio


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