Monday, December 2nd, 2002

This entry will probably be of interest to absolutely no one but me (and possibly my mother), but I’m all full of enthusiasm right now and I just can’t refrain from writing about…knitting.

Last year (egads, has it already been a year?) I mentioned that I had taken up knitting. Again. While I haven’t been terribly prolific, I’ve stuck with it and finished a few little projects that I’m quite pleased with. The blue and grey scarf is now worn proudly by Jeremy, and I also have a gigantic fuzzy shawl, a few sets of wrist warmers, and some cozy hot water bottle covers to show for myself.

I’ve been slacking off a bit on the needlework front lately. But last night I was spurred into knitting action again when my friend Karin showed me this gorgeous sweater that she just made for herself. She didn’t use a pattern or anything - she just started knitting and created this amazing garment that fits her perfectly and looks fantastic. This, frankly, made me feel a bit lame about my own amateur knitting skills. However, it also prompted me want to pick up those knitting needles again and go for it.

To get myself into the right frame of mind, I trawled the Web for some inspiration and found just what I was looking for: Knitty. It’s a fresh and funny (not to mention snazzy-looking and well-written) new online magazine that had me hooked right from the tagline (“little purls of wisdom” - ha ha!). The first issue includes an article on how to dye wool using Kool-Aid, as well as some saucy and hilarious patterns for stuff to knit on your own. Anyone who isn’t down with the knitting craze might be bewildered or bored by a site dedicated to needles and yarn. But all you fleet-fingered knit-wits out there should definitely check out and support Knitty. It promises great things to come.



You use the term lightly of "knit-wit". I would like to bring to your attention that in the late ’50s or early ’60s I became aware there was a little hand held device that you could make round or square rosettes with. I made a baby blanket with pearls in the center of each rosette, and sweater & baby bonnett. Anyway this device is called a "Knit Wit".

Posted by Loretta M Peek


I have been searching the web to purchase a knit wit and have seen only something called a knit wit and doodle loom for $24.95.

Would you know where online I could find one at a better price…also saw a picture of how to make one yourself on ebay but I need instructions on how to use!

Thank you for taking time to respond and for this web site.

Posted by Elizabeth Lloyd


I’m afraid I don’t know where you could find a knit wit online, seeing as I didn’t even know what a knit wit was until Loretta explained it. Perhaps someone else reading this site could help you out…?

Posted by Jessica


My grandmother used to make knit wits at her house. She worked for the distributor. They went out of business and she has boxes of them. Please E-mail me if anyone wants one mailed to them at a small price. My E-mail is

Posted by Kate

5 sells knit wits


this is a nice space you have here i have enjoyed reading it i do a lot of charity work for anybody that need thing I am always looking for different thing so I enjoyed reading about knit wit i look all the time for small things for bazars fetes and thing most is breast cancer and knitting blankets for homeless dogs and cats keep up the good work thank you

Posted by agnes lawrie


Hi I was wondering if there’s a way I could get instructions on how to use my knit wit. I tried to use it but can’t seem to understand on how to work it. i would really love to use this product to make a afghan. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Linda


Does ansyone have instructions on how to use a knit-wit I bnought one no instructions, if you can help I would be grateful thanks

Posted by Dawn


I bought a Knit Wit at a rummage sale, but it has no instructions. It had a small round tool and a square tool. Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks

Posted by Sara


I could help you learn how to use the knit wit tools I used them a lot and could solve your answers right away. Just email me at and I will be able to help guide you through the steps. It pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

                                             Freda Schnebly

Posted by Freda Schnebly

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