Holidays are here by golly!

Friday, December 20th, 2002

My Christmas vacation has begun at last! I write this to you from lovely Cobh, Ireland, where I’ll be spending the next three weeks, gorging myself on salmon and Christmas pudding and anything else that falls into my hands.

So far while being here, I’ve managed to begin the above-mentioned gorging, as well as get to a session, have a few pints (Jeremy’s right - the stout really does taste better in Ireland), attend a lovely Christmas concert, and… see The Two Towers!

I can’t remember the last time I so eagerly anticipated a film (well, it was actually probably last year when I was waiting for The Fellowship of the Ring to come out). What can I say? I think The Two Towers was probably great, though it’s difficult to say seeing as I was watching it through a shower of thrown popcorn and straining to hear the dialogue above the din of a sea of chattering, yelping children. Word to the wise: avoid the matinee at all costs. I think I’ll have to supply a more detailed review after I’ve seen the film again under more civilized circumstances.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to keep the updates coming as often as possible over the next few weeks. I may even try posting some pictures if I’m feeling really ambitious - and if the fine Irish mist (read: fog) lifts long enough for me to snap off some photos. Stay tuned…


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