Monday, February 3rd, 2003

I’ve already written a longer article about the Columbia disaster, but in trawling MetaFilter I came across something that I thought should be shared.

In this MetaFilter discussion about the Columbia, some people took issue with the magnitude of grieving for the seven dead astronauts in light of the fact that 40 people died in a train crash in Zimbabwe on Saturday, and that thousands of people die unknown and unmourned around the world every day.

In response, Adam Greenfield of v-2 posted a comment that perfectly sums up how I feel about this and that brought tears to my eyes all over again when I read it:

"Our hopes and our hearts, as always, are with *all* the lost - but our dreams cindered at 200,000 feet over Texas."

Beautifully put, Adam. Thank you.



You are very welcome. Thanks for the sweet words.

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