Don't be funny.

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003

My daily trip to MetaFilter today pointed me in the direction of ("Don’t be afraid…Be ready"), the Department of Homeland Security’s website for concerned citizens wondering if they really should be out buying duct tape and plastic sheeting to protect themselves from an imminent terrorist attack (the answer, of course, is yes, they certainly should be - or else they, like the fishies and birdies, will DIE).

Initially, I was going to have my usual little rant about scaremongering and the ludicrousness of "orange alerts" and the incessant hype in the American media that has apparently led the average citizen to believe that WE COULD ALL DIE AT ANY MOMENT!!

I was also going to discuss how tired I got of people in America asking me if I was afraid to be living in Europe (???) - a question that makes so little sense to me that I could only ever answer it with a completely baffled look (the answer, of course, is no, I’m much more afraid of getting carjacked in Tucson then I am of getting caught in a terrorist attack at Heathrow).

But instead, thanks to, I wound up having my best laugh of the day.


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