Happy Birthday, Oma!

Saturday, February 22nd, 2003

Today is my Oma’s birthday! (For the uninitiated, my Oma is my grandma. When I was little, every time I tried to say "grandma", it came out "Oma" instead, and the name stuck. Coincidentally, Oma is the German word for grandma, so somehow I think I was destined to be a German translator.)

My Oma is a more-than-sprightly 84-year-old who can crochet huge, beautiful blankets faster than you can say "needlework", who introduced me to the joys of drinking coffee and who taught me how to play solitaire, who makes the most amazingly delicious eggplant parmesan on the planet, and who is the ultimate inspiration behind every Italian meal that I cook. She is also wonderfully kind and cuddly and lovely. In short, she is the best Oma in the entire world.

Happy Birthday, Oma!



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