Scots go off the rails.

Friday, April 18th, 2003

The past two days have been gloriously warm and sunny, just like summertime. The weather has given me the opportunity to indulge in some of the things I like best about summer: drinking homemade raspberry limeades and mango smoothies, eating fajitas (I always crave Mexican food when it’s hot), keeping the window wide open all day and all night - oh, and wearing cool, summery clothes, like the top I just finished knitting (pictured below). This was the instant gratification project I mentioned in my last blog entry.

But enough about knitting - I should explain the cryptic title of this post. I’m taking a page out of Jeremy’s book. As Jeremy said in a recent blog entry: "Right now, Doritos are running a promotion in conjunction with Blockbuster. One in four packets of Doritos have scratchcards inside. On each of these scratchcards is a movie-related clue. To claim your prize of one free movie rental, you write down what you think the movie in question is, bring the card along to a Blockbuster outlet and one of the employees there will scratch the card to reveal the true answer."

Last week, Jeremy got a scratchcard with a clue that said "Gladiator’s Stroke of Genius". He correctly guessed that the movie was A Beautiful Mind, and we got to rent a movie for free (not, thankfully, A Beautiful Mind, but rather Road to Perdition, which was great). Being the helpful, information-wants-to-be-free kind of guy he is, Jeremy partook in a little google bombing in the hopes that if anyone else got the same clue in their bag of Doritos and decided to look online for help, they would find Jeremy’s site, get the answer, and get their own free movie.

A few days ago, after buying many more little bags of Doritos, we found another scratchcard with a different clue: "Scots Go Off the Rails". We figured the movie was Trainspotting - and indeed it was. We got yet another free movie (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - which, sadly, put me to sleep - literally), and I figured that it was my turn to share in our good fortune and do a little google bombing myself. So there you have it.

Our consumption of Doritos shows no sign of abating, so hopefully either Jeremy or I will have more clues to post in the near future (if Doritos or Blockbuster don’t shut down this little operation first).

Me wearing my new top



Alright, my site has crashed three times now (causing all the comments to permanently disappear) since people started posting Doritos/Blockbuster comments here, so sadly, I’m going to have to disable the comments for this entry.

There are two other places I know of that you can go on the Web for Doritos clues and answers: Stephen Turvey’s site at (which, oddly, also seems to be down right now) and the new forum at

Good luck, happy eating, happy viewing, etc.etc.

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