The more things change...

Thursday, May 8th, 2003

Wow, it feels like I’ve been blogging for a year and a day. Oh, wait, I have!

Yes, it’s the one-year anniversary of the latest incarnation of WordRidden. While the original site actually went live on February 3, 2000 (egads, have I been doing this for that long?), it was on May 7, 2002 that everything got rearranged and I posted my first blog entry.

So, one year ago, I was gushing about my office chair, griping about politics, shamelessly plugging my band, and going to the cinema to indulge in some good old science fiction.

It’s now one year on and - incredibly - absolutely nothing has changed. Just today I was gushing about my office chair on a mailing list. I have never ceased to gripe about politics. I mention the band every chance I get. And last friday, I went to the cinema to indulge in some good old science fiction, namely, X2: X-Men United.

Nothing more needs to be said about the chair, politics, or the band today, but I do want to comment on X2, if only to say that this movie kicks butt.

I was disappointed by the first X-Men movie. Maybe it was because I had to see it in German, or maybe it was because it was just over-hyped (much like Spider-Man, which was also a letdown). Whatever the reason, I thought the film was generally okay, but it somehow failed to really engage me.

So I went into X2 with lowered expectations - which may be why I was enthralled from the get-go. The opening sequence alone was worth the trip to the cinema, and the rest of the movie didn’t disappoint, either. X2 has the same elements as the first movie - intriguing characters, great effects, and a serious “message” - but they come together far better and are couched in a more sophisticated storyline. The depth that is inherent in the X-Men mythology is much more apparent in the second X-Men movie than in the first.

I think I’ve suddenly become something of a minor X-Men fan. Okay, I confess: this may be due in part to the fact that I have a little, um… thing for Wolverine (I know, I know: me and just about every other woman who watched X-Men and/or X2). It’s quite similar, in fact, to the little thing I had for Aragorn about six months back, so I’m sure the thing will pass and, at some point down the line, I’ll be able to view X2 somewhat more objectively. In the mean time, I’m just glad that I have an extremely patient and good-natured husband who is willing to listen to me alternately analyze the psychology behind my fascination with such characters and giggle like a teenager at the mention of Wolverine’s smoldering gaze.

Sigh. Sometimes I’m such a girl.


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