How'd that happen?

Wednesday, May 14th, 2003

Astounding! It appears that WordRidden has been shortlisted for the Brighton & Hove Virtual Festival 2003 Web Awards in the "Best Personal Sites and Weblogs" category.

I certainly wasn’t expecting that, particularly considering the extensive competition. It’s all the more surprising because it seems that everyone else who was shortlisted got notified by e-mail, and I only found out by randomly going to the Virtual Festival site and seeing WordRidden listed there. It was a most pleasant discovery - thank you, judges, whoever you may be!

Now that the judges have narrowed the selection down, it’s up to the public to vote for their favorite site from the shortlist. So, though it pains me to do this (seeing as I’ve never been particularly enamored of - or successful in - popularity contests), I guess I should direct my loyal readers to the voting page, where you can select the site that you would like to see win. And if that site happens to be this site, then I would be very flattered indeed.



Happy to vote for the best!

Posted by Michael

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