Local goings-on.

Sunday, June 8th, 2003

Today is the last day of voting for the Brighton and Hove Virtual Festival Web Awards, so if you haven’t already let your voice be heard, then head on over to the Virtual Festival website and cast a vote for me or any of my illustrious fellow shortlist nominees.

The results of the voting are going to be revealed at an awards ceremony on June 12th. As it happens, Salter Cane is also going to be playing a concert on June 12th. If I make it to the awards ceremony at all, I guess I’ll have to sort of dash in and dash right back out again.

Jeremy is hoping to organize an exodus from the Sussex Arts Club, where the awards ceremony is being held, to The Standard pub, where we’ll be playing our little hearts out. So if you’re a Brightonian (or a Hovian) and you don’t mind braving the tacky townie hell that is West Street, do come along and support your local purveyors of the finest "gothic Americana" this side of Nick Cave’s house. We’re miserable, but we rock.


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