Back to the old country.

Thursday, June 26th, 2003

Well, it’s that time again - time to head off and see a bit of the world - time for summer holidays! Tomorrow, Jeremy and I will jump on a plane bound for Ireland to spend a week basking in the sunshine (hah!) of the glorious Emerald Isle.

Our first stop will be Dublin, where we’ll hang out with the hipsters, get some culture - and go to a Ministry concert! Despite having been a Ministry fan for over a decade (gulp), I’ve never actually seen them play live, so I’m really quite excited. And, as un-hip as it may be, I’ll be sure to bring some earplugs with me (with age comes wisdom…).

After a weekend in Dublin, we’ll push on to Cobh for a few days of visiting with old friends, taking walks in the countryside and relaxing in the garden. Then it’s back to Dublin and back home again. It’ll be a pretty short trip, but a pretty nice one, too, I think. And if my laptop winds up going with me, I’ll be sure to update the site and let everyone know what a nice time I’m having!


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