The Great Unknown

Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

So, tomorrow is my first day of school. I’m really, really looking forward to it. I don’t remember the last time I was so excited at the prospect of going to classes - probably when I first went to college as an undergrad, way back in (gulp) 1991.

It wasn’t until today, though, that I realized just how nervous I am about it all too. I took a little trip to WH Smith this afternoon for some school supplies: a folder, a notebook and some shiny new pencils with sharp tips and fresh erasers. Since I’m only taking one class a semester, and since I could probably actually sell pens and office supplies to WH Smith (stationery fetishist that I am), I refrained from buying anything else (though I was sorely tempted by this. And these.).

Anyway, as I wandered around gathering stationery and listening to the strangely mournful music they had playing in the store, I suddenly felt rather small and scared, just like a little kid facing the Great Unknown that is the first day of school. I was overcome by anxious thoughts: Will my teacher be nice? Will I enjoy my class? Will I be able to find my way around? Will I have the right school supplies? Will I understand the schoolwork? Will the other kids like me?

And foremost in my thoughts: how on earth am I going to manage to drag myself out of bed at 8:00 tomorrow morning?

Well, I’m rapidly running out of time to be nervous - in exactly twelve hours, I’ll be sitting in a classroom learning something fascinating (I hope). In the meantime, I have to get my bookbag together, lay out my clothes for tomorrow, read a chapter in my crisp new linguistics textbook and then, somehow, try to sleep.

Wish me luck.



Good Luck!! Although I really don’t think you’ll need it…

As for those pens…(you can never have too many pens - or pencils)…I think they would be a wonderful addition to your “school supplies”…


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