News in brief.

Saturday, December 13th, 2003

Because I simply can’t get it together to write a blog entry with actual content in it, here’s a rundown of everything occupying my mind at this moment:

1) I’m still working on the Bologna thing. I keep getting caught up in writing long-winded descriptions of the food. It’s understandable, really.

2) The Lord of the Rings exhibition was great. I drooled over the costumes and jewelry, marveled at the weapons and armor, and wondered how I could sneak Eomer’s helmet out under my coat. The level of detail on the props and costumes is absolutely stunning, and having seen it all "in the flesh" has made me admire it that much more on screen. Fantastic.

3) On a related note, there are just 5 days and 20 minutes left before I get to see Return of the King. I can’t wait, and yet I’ll be dreadfully sad when it’s all over. And by all accounts, I’ll need to bring several hankies with me to the theater.

4) I’ve discovered that while university classes are great fun, term papers are not. At all.

5) In exactly 7 days I will be on a plane headed towards Arizona, Christmas, my family, and - if all goes well on the term paper front - some much-needed R&R.

6) Dinner is ready - this entry is at an end.


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