Home from the holidays.

Thursday, January 6th, 2005

The holiday season came and went in a flash. I didn’t feel really geared up for Christmas this year and, as predicted, now that it’s over I kind of wish it would come around again - like, next week.

Jeremy and I had a lovely time in Ireland. There were many lazy afternoons in front of the television and many evenings spent in blissfully smoke-free pubs. I improved my Irish by watching Ros na Rún and making Jeremy listen to me while I said the days of the week and counted to 29 (in Irish, that is). We played Irish tunes, had Christmas cake and Christmas pudding and Christmas turkey and ham, drank Baileys and port, chatted with friends, and generally managed to avoid doing all the work we were planning on doing over the two weeks we were gone.

Amazingly enough, we even had a white Christmas: we woke up to snow on Christmas morning, it snowed on and off all through the day, and the next day all the snow was gone. And on New Year’s Eve, we stood outside to watch the fireworks and listen to the ships sounding their horns in the harbor, and we drank to the hope that 2005 would be a better year for the world than 2004 wound up being.

Happy New Year, everyone.



What a lovely holiday…and what lovely pictures to enjoy!

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