Go (Cruise) West

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Exactly a year ago (can it really have been that long already?), I spent nearly two weeks cruising through Alaska’s Inside Passage with Jeremy and my family. It was an amazing time—a time somehow outside of time—and if I could have stayed on that boat forever, I think I would have.

As I was casually perusing the Cruise West site this evening (Cruise West being the company we sailed with), I got a bit of a shock: there was Jeremy’s face smiling out from the Cruise West blog! It seems they found his Flickr photos and asked him if they could blog about him on the site. They quoted a bit from my Impossible Alaska post as well, and re-reading that brought all the memories flooding back to me, making me yearn to go back and relive that time all over again.

Sadly, that isn’t possible—but happily, it looks as though another trip to Alaska may be on the cards in the near future. I certainly hope so. The Alaska bug has bitten me, and I need to get my fix of electric blue glaciers and endless vistas…

Update: I also found out from the Cruise West blog that Joe Williams—the Tlingit elder I wrote about before going to Alaska last year—has been elected Mayor of the cities of Ketchikan and Saxman, Alaska. He’s the first Alaska Native to have been elected to this position. Congratulations, Joe! (I wish I knew how to say that in Tlingit…)


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