Aerial views revisited.

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

While some of my fellow passengers on a recent Seattle-Tucson flight were distinctly uninterested in the spectacular scenery passing by outside, I spent the entirety of the journey taking pictures out the window of the plane (this was back in the Golden Days when you could still take cameras on a plane…and water…and books…).

The skies were clear for most of the trip that day, so I got to see and photograph some pretty amazing things. And with the help of Google Maps, Google Earth, my mom and many, many hours of procrastination, I’ve managed to identify the exact location of a lot of what I saw—a feat which pleases me no end. I’ve just posted the pictures to Flickr, so if you feel like taking a virtual flight from Seattle to Tucson, go check ‘em out.

Oh, and in the interests of journalistic integrity, I should point out that I did have to up the contrast and saturation on quite a few of the pictures to cut through the atmospheric haze. There are limitations to taking pictures out of an airplane window with a tiny Casio camera…

Mt Adams



This is an awesome picture. I like the perspective frome above very much. Well done !

Thank you for sharing this picture with me !

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