Living it up.

Monday, November 5th, 2007

I am currently living it up, as they say, in the Hotel California. No, I am not in Hell, or wherever it is the “Hotel California” of the song is meant to be, but rather in a quite lovely hotel on the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.

I have no idea why they’ve called the place “Hotel California”, but they’ve certainly taken the ball and run with it: there are posters of San Francisco and California wine country in the hallways, there’s a sign saying “Welcome to the Hotel California” in the entranceway, and they seem to have the Eagles playing on a continuous loop in the lobby (the staff must love that). Most odd. But it’s a really nice hotel.

Anyway, I’ve arrived safe and sound in Berlin, where it is cold—but very, very exciting! After landing in the fog at Berlin-Schönefeld airport and making our way into town, Jeremy and I dropped our bags at the hotel and headed out for a spot of lunch. Our part of town seems to be packed with cozy restaurants and cafés, but rather than going for a big sit-down meal, we decided to brave the chilly weather and grab a Currywurst mit Pommes und Mayo at a little stand on a nearby square.

And, oh my, was it yummy: a plump sausage grilled to crispy brown perfection, then sliced and smothered with ketchupy sauce, a hearty sprinkling of curry power and a dash of chili flakes for extra heat (something I’d never had on a Currywurst before), served on a little paper tray with a heap of piping hot fries topped with sweet mayo. If you’ve never had something like this, it may sound odd, but trust me, there’s nothing better on a grey winter’s day in Germany.

We did kind of have an ulterior motive for choosing the Currywurst over a bigger lunch—namely, we wanted to get cake and coffee afterwards. We found a quiet little cafe-cum-bookshop where I ate a piece of apricot cheesecake and Jeremy had his beloved Black Forest cake, and then we both slumped against our chairs, completely stuffed and very pleased to have already had both the classic Currywurst and Kaffee und Kuchen after being in Berlin for just two hours.

If this is any indication of what the coming days will be like, I’m in for a treat.



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