First 12 hours in Shanghai

Friday, April 15th, 2011

First 12 hours in Shanghai:

Sweltering cab ride from the airport to the hotel. Quick bag drop. Sweltering cab ride from Pudong to the other side of the river. Shanghainese feast for lunch: glazed pork, braised fish, crab, garlic broccoli, sweet glutinous rice ball soup. Hotel, nap, shower. Walk around the block, memories of Bangkok - the heat, the traffic, the tiny neon-lit shops(?), people sitting on the curb outside or gathered around tables inside, eating. Many people walking multiple small dogs. Confused car journey to dinner destination. Pedestrians wandering through four lanes of traffic. A group line dancing to Chinese music in a park. Two men playing badminton on a street corner. Dinner: Rinderrouladen, SpƤtzle, Rotkohl and a Hefeweizen at a beer garden overlooking the Huangpu River and the Bund (no, I didn’t expect that either). Cab ride to the hotel, PJs, blog post. And so to bed.



It sounds like you’ve landed in an alternative universe. I had an English Grill in Taiwan…it was vile. I had no choice…it seemed strange at the time, and 40 years later, it still does. It was 40 years ago (give or take 6 weeks) that Daddy and I stood on a knoll in Kowloon and looked over the border into "Red" China. Forty years later, you’re there sipping martini’s and eating German food.

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