Oh happy day!

Monday, September 11th, 2000

I got my visa! I got my visa! I got my visa!

Last week I faxed off the three documents to the Consulate that the man had asked for at the Interview. Today I thought I should call the Consulate to make sure that everything had shown up intact and that they didn’t need to see anything else and that I would, in fact, be getting my passport back sometime (it’s kind of a creepy feeling being in a foreign country with no passport in hand). So after spending the usual frustrating hour on the phone either listening to a busy signal or listening to the phone at the other end ring incessantly without being picked up (actually, one time it sounded like someone picked it up and slammed it down again), I finally got to speak to a real live, very nice Consulate person.

I told him who I was and why I was calling, and he asked for my reference number. When I gave it to him, he exclaimed, “That’s an old one!” - so I told him that this visa thing had been going on for months already. So he looked in his little computer, and then said triumphantly, “It was sent out today! You’ve got your visa!”

I got my visa! I got my visa! I got my visa!

As long as the Deutsche Post doesn’t lose the thing before it gets back to me…




We are just starting to paint the hallway and stairs in your new flat. There’s going to be a new carpet on the stairs and in your room, and new lino in the bathroom.

Work starts this afternoon.

Posted by The Painters, England


Dear Painters,

You guys absolutely rule.

But hey - don’t paint it all so grey.

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