Pattern Recognition by William Gibson

September 2004

This book is something of a step away from Gibson's usual ultra-futuristic cyberpunk fare. It's a novel which is very much "of the moment" and very much aimed at whatever the demographic is that I happen to be in (30-something, Mac-using, Web-trawling, gadget-buying, cyberpunk-reading, wannabe-globetrotting geek). Hence, I thought it was great - even though it made me desperately wish that I, like the protagonist, had a limitless budget and the ability to jet first class from London to Tokyo to Moscow to Paris at the blink of an eye. Other Gibson fans complained that Pattern Recognition wasn't science-fictiony enough, but I think the book shows just how futuristic the present day actually is. It was kind of a funny book to be reading during a hurricane (as the heroine went flying around the globe, I was stuck in a boarded-up house, reading by the light of a hurricane lantern), but it sure made the time pass quickly.

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