Europe at Midnight (The Fractured Europe Sequence, #2) by Dave Hutchinson

October 2019

A very different book from the first in the series (well, kind of…), though set in the same universe (well, kind of), with (mostly) different characters. I enjoyed being plunged into this new situation that was not explained from the outset—that slight feeling of disorientation can be quite delightful in a book. There’s a similar spy thriller/mystery thing going on here, and experiencing how the characters themselves discover what’s happening is very enjoyable. I was confused a few times because some characters go by different aliases and, as in the first book, the settings can jump dramatically from one chapter to the next. You do have to pay attention… The end of the book was a delightful call back to the first book and look ahead to the books to come—which I’m eager to read.

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