Deja entendu.

Friday, November 15th, 2002

Well, once again, music seems to have taken precedence over words in the past two weeks. On the day of my last update, Salter Cane took a field trip to Yeovil to see John Parish play. The gig was great, and the next morning we high-tailed it back to Brighton to get ready to play our own gig: an opening slot for My Morning Jacket. We played to an audience of about ten people - but playing to ten people is better than playing to no people at all, and people said they liked it, so it wasn’t a complete flop. My Morning Jacket simply rocked. The MP3s you can download from their website do not do justice to the deafening intensity of this band’s live performance. Highly recommended.

A few days after that concert, we were, amazingly, offered another last-minute gig: the opening slot for Menlo Park at what is probably our favorite venue in Brighton, the Hanbury Ballroom. This was something of a coup; there’s been a bit of hype about this band lately, not least because their music was used for the new Guinness ad ("Lava"). We were planning to go see them anyway, so when we were offered the opportunity to open for them, there was much rejoicing and patting of backs in the band.

The Menlo Park concert was just the night before last and I, for one, am still riding high on the thrill of it all. We played a great gig, Menlo Park played a great gig, the audience was terrific, and when I finally fell into bed at 3 in the morning (which isn’t really as dramatic as it sounds, seeing as that’s when I go to bed almost every night), I was still grinning like crazy.

Now I have a bit of the old post-concertal depression - the rather drab feeling that comes over me when I wake up and realize that I am not, in fact, a rock star, but rather a lowly translator with a load of work to do. Don’t get me wrong: I love my job and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. And actually, it’s nice to have a balance in my life between the intellectual stimulation of my work and the rather more visceral stimulation of that old time rock ‘n roll. It’s just too bad that I can’t have a roomful of people clapping and cheering for me when I come to end of a translation like they do when the band comes to the end of a song. I’m joking, of course.

Well, there’s still more music to look forward to: we were in the studio again this past Monday to record a new song, and we’re going back next Monday to put the finishing touches on it. And after that, who knows what will happen…?



pretty funny

Posted by miki


have you gone to any other concertes of menlo park since than?


No, I haven’t seen them since then. They actually played again here in Brighton just two days ago, but I didn’t go. I enjoyed them and all on the night we played with them, but I wasn’t so pushed about trudging across town and shelling out £7 to see them again. I’m saving myself for some of the other concerts coming up in the next few weeks (namely, Nick Cave in London)…

Posted by Jessica


let me know if you hear anything new about them, i want to know more about them, they seem quite interesting

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