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Sunday, November 3rd, 2002

Oh, be still my beating heart!

The Voynich Manuscript - something I had never heard of before today - has almost everything that sends me in paroxysms of joy. An unknown language (or two)? Check. A lovely, indecipherable alphabetic script? Check. Mysterious, fantastic illustrations? Check. Astronomy, cosmology and, perhaps, alchemy? Check. Athanasius Kircher (login: wrreaders)? Check. A possible connection to Roger Bacon? Check. A link to Rudolph II and thus to the semi-mythical, esoteric Prague I first fell in love with through the books of Gustav Meyrink? Check!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing for pointing the way to my new obsession.



Thankyou! More of this please…:) Still not sure what I think of this yet, which garden path I am being led up. But the main frustration is that (at least on a first visit) I could see very little of the pages or scripts. "Unavailable" etc. I really want to have more of a look at that script, it’s elegant. I’ll try again…


Furthermore… (spotted in the ‘on air’ section in BBC History magazine) BBC Four is showing ‘The Voynich Manuscript’ on Wednesday 11th December at 9pm. ‘…dozens of scientists and scholars have risen to the intellectual challenge to crack it, but all disagree on what it means.’ Damn, somehow I don’t think I’ll be investing in digital telly before then. Er, if you do have it and watch the programme, any chance of telling us about it??


You’re kidding! Oh man, I don’t get BBC Four either. It’s the one channel I would really *like* to get - but no, I don’t foresee myself getting digital television anytime soon either.

No fair. :-(


What about this then! Have just been leafing through the telly schedule for this week… and that programme is apparently being repeated 11.30pm on BBC2 on Tuesday 1st July.

but according to your journal, you won’t be here… oh. Sorry :(


Hey, thanks for the heads up! I actually did get to see the program - we got better BBC2 reception in Ireland than we get in our flat in Brighton.

Good program - but it made me really angry that Yale won’t let anyone take a look at the manuscript to figure out whether it’s a fake or not. But then again, it’s kind of nice that the mystery is preserved…

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