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Saturday, January 11th, 2003

I find it hilarious that knitting has been a cause for controversy in the New Zealand Parliament lately. Apparently there was shock all around when a government minister pulled out her knitting needles and proceeded to knit during a debate.

As a novice knitter, I can attest to the fact that it is perfectly possible to knit and pay attention to something else at the same time (I did just this all last night - I knitted while watching television). I was happy to read, then, that knitting will still be allowed in Parliament in New Zealand - just not from the minister’s chair. Fair enough.

Knitting may be allowed in Parliament, but it’s still not allowed on airplanes - and having been well and truly bit by the knitting bug, I’m rather irritated by this. I’m facing about 12 hours of flying tomorrow (we’re off to Ameri-kay), and I’m sure that being able to knit would make at least some of that time go by a bit faster. I’ve heard of cases of "air rage" because people aren’t allowed to smoke on planes anymore (thank God) - I wonder if they’ve had any air rage from knitters who are itching to get their hands back on their latest project…

Well, I should have gotten my fill of knitting in Ireland. For the first week or so, I was planted firmly on the couch most evenings, knitting like a maniac. The product of my efforts is pictured below: a hat! It’s a bit of a curly, lumpy hat (this is not the fault of the pattern from Bonne Marie Burns of ChicKnits, but rather the fault of the yarn I used and my inability to shape anything correctly), but it’s a hat nonetheless, and I’m rather proud of it - which is why I’m showcasing it here.

Me in my hat.



I have never seen a finer hat, on a finer head….anywhere…ever! A Fellow Knitter!!!


Thank you, thank you! You just made my day, Mystery Knitter! ;-)


Be careful with those knitting needles!

Posted by Alb Tross


Depending on points of departure, knitting is normally allowed on planes.

I have travelled lots last few years and have had no problems. I normally bring small bamboo needles or circulars, which are easy to hold in a small space with little elbow room.

Bamboo circlulars of about 16 inch would at least let you work on scarf or hat!

Posted by Emmie

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