Festival time.

Friday, July 2nd, 2004

It’s summer festival season, and I’ve been taking part in the music-making and merry-making that abounds at this time of year. I spent all of last weekend at a music festival, in fact. No, it wasn’t Glastonbury (egads, anything but Glastonbury…) - it was the somewhat lesser-known (read: completely obscure) Spydafest.

Spydafest is a terrible name for what could have been an excellent festival if the organizers had put any money into advertising it. The location was lovely, if rather windswept, the organization was superb, and the band line-up was quite good - the highlights being two of my favorite bands at the moment: the Sadies and Salter Cane.

Yes, Salter Cane played its annual festival gig on a sunny, windy afternoon to an audience of about 10 people. They were 10 fairly appreciative people, though, so I guess the concert wasn’t a total flop. And despite the incessant wind, and the rain which scuppered our plans to camp on the site, it was a really fun weekend. During the day we subsisted on greasy chips and big cups of tea from the lone food vendor at the festival, and in the evening we were treated to home-cooked meals and warm, comfy, indoor beds at our drummer’s parents’ house in the little village of Swyre. It was a great weekend retreat in the country. Sometimes you just have to get away from all the urban bustle.

I’ll definitely be getting away from the urban bustle this coming week as well, as I’m heading off to another somewhat obscure festival in a somewhat obscure town on the west coast of Ireland: I’m going to Willie Week! "Willie Week" is a traditional Irish music summer school that takes place each year in the little town of Miltown Malbay, County Clare. Jeremy and I have been talking about going for years, and this year we’re finally getting our chance to do it. We won’t be taking any music classes this time around; we’re just going for the "craic" - the music, the drink, the food and the Irish hospitality. I’m just thrilled to be going back to Ireland again so soon. Even though I’ve never actually lived there, it’s definitely become my third home.

Hmm, I spent last weekend in a windswept coastal town, surrounded by music, some of which I was responsible for making. I’m going to spend this coming week in a windswept coastal town, surrounded by music, some of which I will hopefully be responsible for making. And I live in a windswept coastal town, surrounded by music, some of which I’m responsible for making. I see a pattern emerging to my life here…


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