Unfortunately, I must now destroy your cat.

Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

I’m back from my fantastic and music-filled trip to Ireland. While it was rainy and stormy here in England, Jeremy and I were enjoying astonishingly sunny weather on Ireland’s west coast. We did nothing but take walks through the countryside and sit around in pubs listening to - and playing! - traditional music. By the end of the week, I was dreaming about Irish musicians every night and waking up every morning with a head full of tunes. The whole experience was extremely inspiring, and I’m now determined to practice the fiddle like mad so that when I go back to Willie Week (hopefully next year), I can keep up with the brisk pace set in most Irish music sessions.

What I am not inspired to do, unfortunately, is get to work on my last university term paper for the year. I want to write about online German language learning courses, but since my attention span has shrunk to nothing, I’ve been very easily distracted by online French language quizzes, by "Teach yourself Italian" courses, by programs for "Learning Hebrew in 20 Easy Steps", by beginners’ Irish courses, and by anything else that has absolutely nothing to do with my stupid paper.

The major linguistic distraction today has been this: the "Lost for Words" section on the BBC Languages site, where people send in their funny and/or embarrassing linguistic gaffes. Anyone who has struggled to make themselves understood in a foreign country will be able to relate to these stories, some of which are utterly hilarious. It’s not helping me get my paper done, but it’s certainly given me a few good giggles this morning (and it also gave me the cryptic title for this post).


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