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Sunday, March 27th, 2005

As a follow-up to my blog entry from earlier in the month, here are some more examples of innocent library books that have been defiled and scarred by cruel slashes from various implements of writing. This first example is particularly remarkable: it’s a defaced library book with the very tool used to deface it still inside! Yes, indeed, this blood-red, rather chewed-up pencil was stuck between the pages of the hapless book when I checked it out. Most bizarrely, the inscription on the pencil reads: USE YOUR FAMILY PENCIL TO GET YOUR MONEY. How cryptic. If I could track down the owner of the pencil, I would ask what the strange saying means - right before I employed the pencil for a little death by scribbling.

Defaced book and pencil



"A little death"?

I keep linking you two to each other (, but boy, I’m not sure I’d ever want any of you getting too close to me if you found my old college books. :-)


Actually I never did anything worse than underline some things. With a pencil. And never on anything that wasn’t strictly for class. Honest.


They left the weapon at the scene of the crime?! That sounds like a very short episode of CSI if you ask me.

Posted by Jeb


:-) Oh, if only I had DNA-testing capabilities - those book-butchering psychos would be out of circulation in a flash!

Posted by Jessica

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