Eggs molto benedict

Sunday, March 27th, 2005

Behold! My first attempt to make eggs benedict - and it was a success! Okay, I haven’t totally cracked the egg poaching process yet; when I drop my eggs in the water, I tend to wind up with a little globule of yolk surrounded by filaments of white that never coalesce into a solid (even though I use fresh eggs and make a whirlpool in the water and all the rest of it). But since the egg got covered up by Hollandaise sauce anyway, it didn’t really matter that it looked a bit funny.

Ah yes, the Hollandaise sauce. I was sure my sauce was going to split, or curdle, or just never thicken up, but again, beginner’s luck was on my side. Even though I put in only about three-fourths of the butter the recipe called for (and that was still a LOT of butter), the sauce turned out creamy and glossy and very, very rich, with just a touch of heat from the cayenne pepper and a bit of tang from the lemon juice. I put some ham and the freshly poached egg on a toasted bagel, drizzled over the sauce, gave it all a few twists of ground pepper, and served it up with cold orange juice and hot coffee. The perfect Easter-weekend brunch treat!

Eggs benedict



Perhaps not the best thing I can think of for breakfast, but I still believe a warning ("do not visit this site with an empty stomach"?) could be of use here.

Now, bagels — God how I miss them. Ah, civilization.


Well, it’s certainly not everyday breakfast food, that’s for sure. It’s not even once a month breakfast food, really - no one needs to eat that much butter in one sitting! But as an afternoon brunch every once in a while - mmm, mmm good.

Can you not get bagels where you are? I had that problem in Germany - nary a bagel to be found. One place in Freiburg started selling them not long before I left, but they were really more like Brötchen in bagel form. Thank goodness bagels are fairly plentiful in England. Bagels and Marmite - now *there’s* some everyday breakfast food!

I’m really, really happy to have access to bagels, but you know what I miss from America? Eggo waffles. The artificially-flavored blueberry ones in particular. There’s just nothing like them to be found on this side of the pond.

Posted by Jessica


No bagels. Sad, isn’t it? I’m a bit surprised they weren’t easy to find in Germany, who would’ve thought.

I cannot find easily (or at all) things from certain countries (read US, UK) where I am, but I’m still exploring. Luckily I live right on the border and some things do make it to the neighbouring state(s). You and Jeremy would probably jump at an opportunity to exchange houses with me if I’ve read right about your travels, but I’m sorry to say that basics of a proper diet such as bagels are nowhere to be seen around here. Nope.

The other day I found Jordans Muesli bars and it made my whole week. I bought almost all the bars they had. Call me silly. Marmite I discovered only quite recently, imagine that, and it’s quite beyond the local stores fancy, I’m afraid. But it can be bought online. :-)

Once again, I leave your site to go straight to the kitchen.


Haven’t had Eggo waffles or Marmite on a bagel yet, by the way. Not a bagel since 2001, now that I think of it. * Sigh *

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