Sail away, sail away, sail away

Monday, May 9th, 2005

Thanks to the wonders of satellite technology (and a lot of fiddling around with the satellite dish by the techie people on the boat), I am finally able to blog from the wilds of southeastern Alaska!

We left Seattle Monday night, and except for a brief stop in Friday Harbor, Washington (where I bought yarn and knitting needles from a lovely little shop), we’ve been sailing non-stop ever since. The scenery has gotten progressively more spectacular - and the weather has gotten progressively more beautiful - the further north we’ve gone. We cruised past drizzly British Columbia, and even when it was sprinkling outside, I stood alone on the deck of the boat with the rain pattering on my jacket and just reveled in being on the water and in the wilderness. We saw an orca pod hunting for fish one evening, we’ve spotted bald eagles and porpoise, and we’ve been treated to two incredible sunsets.

Last night, the ship rocked and rolled its way into Alaskan waters, and today we awoke to spotless blue skies and the cold, deep waters and towering rock walls of Misty Fjords National Monument (an unscheduled, and very welcome, detour from our original cruising schedule). After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and hot smoked salmon, I stepped outside onto the deck and was nearly knocked over by the perfection of the day: the sun was warm, the breeze was cool, and the air was filled with the scent of salty water and wet pines. It was the type of morning that makes you feel really, truly alive.

This afternoon after lunch, we’ll be pulling into our first Alaskan port: the little town of Ketchikan, the salmon and/or rain capital of Alaska, where we’ll stroll through the streets with Joe Williams and, hopefully, grab a fish sandwich from the Halibut Hut before getting back on board and moving north again. Further updates to follow…

(N.B. This was actually written on May 7- I’m falling behind here!)


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