Say I Love You

Friday, November 25th, 2005

Last Sunday, I spent a few hours in a studio laying down the bassline for a song called "Say I Love You". It’s a Christmas charity single that was organized by Say I Love You, an open, fluid group of people (more of a concept, really) whose main purpose is to Do Good Things and inspire other people to do the same.

I came to the song project rather late at the request of Jamie (Salter Cane drummer and co-author of the song). Since I didn’t have much time to learn the song - and since I’d never been a "session musician" before - I was more than a little nervous about falling flat on my face in the recording studio. Fortunately, that didn’t happen - and, in fact, the whole recording experience was great fun. There was a lovely group of singers and musicians there, and there was a terrific atmosphere in the studio (there’s a detailed description of the day on Jamie’s Song Blog.) It was all very much in the spirit of doing something to make a positive difference, while making sure that the thing you’re doing is positive and enjoyable in its own right.

Anyway, the key to the "Say I Love You" song is that you can download it for free right here, no strings attached. If you like the song, then you can tell other people about it and, ideally, do something yourself to make a difference this Christmas: volunteer some time, make a donation, even organize your own charity event - or just tell someone you love them. That’s it.

Go on - it’ll make you feel good…


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