Now I am the master.

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

It’s official: I am actually going to graduate - with "distinction" no less! The deed is done, the documents are stamped, and I have a master’s degree in applied linguistics!

When I found out that I had gotten a A on my dissertation (which was the key factor in earning that "distinction"), I quite literally jumped for joy all around the room. This was partially because I’m an overachiever who is dissatisfied with being "second best" at anything (a recipe for psychological disaster, I know - I’m working on it…). But it was mostly because I worked really hard these past two years, and I put an awful lot of myself into that dissertation. I genuinely enjoyed researching and writing it (despite the inevitable stress), and I was quite pleased with the final result. That sort of personal satisfaction is what really mattered to me in the end - the satisfaction that comes from challenging yourself, learning something new, accomplishing a task and producing something that you’re proud of. But I can’t deny also feeling extremely gratified that the examiners who marked the dissertation felt it had scholarly merit as well. That’s the icing on the cake, really.

So, my school days are over. They certainly went by in a flash. It seems like just yesterday that I was nervously getting my school supplies ready for my first day at the university. And now all that’s left for me to do is order my hat and gown and show up at the Brighton Dome on February 24th to get my diploma. I would happily do it all over again - and who knows, maybe I will at some point. A master’s degree in medieval history would be quite nice…

Qualified for the degree of Master of Arts


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