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Saturday, January 20th, 2007

I was listening to the News Quiz on Radio 4 the other night, where they read out funny headlines sent in by the public in between quiz segments. One of the headlines, from a Sussex paper, was something along the lines of: “Looking for something different to do this weekend? Why not go see a life-sized knitted garden!”

It got a perplexed chuckle from the audience and quiz participants—and a heartfelt “Awesome!” from me as I stood in my kitchen cooking dinner. Ever since buying this Knitted Gardens book several years ago, I’ve been quite taken with the idea of making a tiny knitted vegetable patch. It would satisfy me on so many levels: on a “getting crafty” level, on a “love of miniature things” level, and naturally on an “obsession with fake food” level.

I’ve never gotten around to actually knitting a vegetable patch myself, but a woman named Jane Bolsover organized a community of knitters and crocheters from around England (including, according to this article, “a group of gay men knitting in Brighton”—yay!) to create a life-sized knitted English garden, complete with a knitted garden gnome, a knitted deck chair and—yes!—a knitted picnic.

Best of all, the garden is going to be on display in Brighton at the Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts fair at the start of February. I am so there. I mean, if you have any sort of love for crafts, knitting, wacky projects or stuff made up to look like other stuff, there is just no way you could not find this cool.



Seeing as I’ve found some knitting that I started years ago…and am now determined to finish…so that MY needles have been clacking for the past week…I’m all up for knitting a garden! I think that the birds would be fun…

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Oooh, I’m going to that show. Even though I’ll have to sit on my hands for the whole thing - and more importantly, leave all my credit cards at home! - the whole knitted garden sounds awesome!

I’m just getting round to making some stupid sock creatures, from the book by this guy


Hey Relly, maybe we could meet up and "ooh" and "aah" at the knitted garden together!

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