I love Star Wars…

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

I love Star Wars. One day I called Tatooine Agency and asked for a load of Jawas. All day they didn’t come. The next morning a big sandcrawler was in our yard. When I opened the door, they all ran out. We spent that day fixing up beds for the Jawas.

Late that night I “dreamed” I was being dragged across the room. The next morning my neck hurt. My bed felt like wood. When I went to fluff my pillow, it was gone. I opened my eyes and looked around. Everything was gone.

I sat up and thought I was still asleep so I went into the bathroom to splash my face but even the sink and toilet bowl were gone. I shook my head, closed my eyes, went into the kitchen, and sat down. “Wham” I hit the floor.

Now I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I got up and ran through what used to be the dining room and family room. Nothing was left. I went on the porch. The rug wasn’t even there. All the water was drained for the pool, the rocks were gone, the shed was gone, the fences were gone, the apple tree was gone, the grass was gone and even the grape vines weren’t there.

I ran into the house and into the living room but nothing was in there.

Now everyone was up and looking around. Then I remembered the Jawas. I ran to the garage but the Jawas were gone and so was everything else.

We all went out front. The maple tree, the little white fences, the bark, the pine trees, the bushes, the rocks from the driveway and even the grass seed was gone. Also, there were sandcrawler tracks thought the dirt where the grass had been.

That day we went to a hotel and that night on the news we heard about a man buying furniture, toys and a blue 3 speed bike all for $1.00, sold to him by short people in hooded coats with weird squeaky voices.

The next day we rented a car and went to our house. When we got there everyone was outside jumping and yelling. The neighborhood was bare and there were sandcrawler and Jawa tracks everywhere.

Everyone got a room at a hotel and rented a car.

The next morning I thought I was dreaming about the day we were robbed but I opened my eyes and was laying on the floor. The Jawas again! I looked out, the window. They had gotten the whole city of Terre Haute.

Then there was a knock at the door. I opened it a crack. It was Mike. I went into the hall and closed the door. “Look outside!” Mike whispered loudly. “I know” I said unhappily.

After everyone was up, we went outside. There were a few cars on the road and there was also the sandcrawler which was acting very strange.

The sandcrawler would get behind a car then the car would go under it, then the driver of the car would come out a little hatch in the back. One car went under, and the guy came out holding the steering wheel. All of a sudden the sandcrawler stopped, went backwards and the guy went under. Then the guy came out but he wasn’t holding the steering wheel anymore.

Finally, somehow, we stopped the Jawas. We told them to give everything back. They said no but they would give us all the rugs from the Ramada Inn. We said no so they gave everything back unhappily.

Then I called the Tatooine Agency and told them to take Jawas back. The next day they were gone.

Well, I kind of missed them so right now I’m on the phone with the Endor Agency asking about some Ewoks…

The End

— By Jessica, age 10, 1983



Hahahaha! That’s great! I love the part about the rugs from the Ramada Inn!

Posted by jeb


is it possible that your feed is broken as it does not display your latest entries?

Posted by larissa


Oops, yeah, the problem’s fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out, Larissa!


oh my god, that’s so amazingly cute.

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