What are you doing?

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Item & approx. time

approx: 3:23 PM

  1. Clothing – 85(degrees) maroon sweat pants & yellow T-shirt

  2. Calling for Mike

  3. Walking with Ginger

  4. Doing a dance

  5. Walking up drive

  6. Knocking on door

  7. coming back 3:24

  8. Running

  9. Chewing gum loudly

  10. standing & staring at Mr. Rogers mowing (like a statue)

  11. following Oma

  12. baking bored & bouncing ball

  13. walking on my book

  14. shutting door & turning on light

  15. Playing 3:30

  16. acting weird in chair

  17. staring into candle

  18. trying to get candle out

  19. staring at me

  20. fooling with candle

  21. doesn’t know (what?) sausage is

—By Jessica, 1983(?)

N.B. I’m not exactly sure when this was written. My mom found it together with the Jawa story, so I reckon it’s from around the same time period, when we were living in Indiana. Mike was our best friend down the street (and he still lives there, incidentally), Ginger was the friendly neighborhood dog, Mr. Rogers was our neighbor across the street (who also still lives there) and Oma is my grandma.

As for why I wrote this…I can’t begin to imagine. I find it kind of fascinating, though, like a proto-Twitter thing. I initially thought it was a documentation of what I was doing, but actually, as I’m typing it out now, I get the feeling it was me writing down what my brother was doing (in a Harriet the Spy sort of way). So, Jeb, there you go: ten minutes in the life of a six-year-old in Terre Haute, Indiana!



If only we all have proto-twitter recollections of childhood :) Too cute.


I think I remember those maroon sweats and yellow shirt. And if I could still accomplish that much in only 10 minutes, I’d have some really productive days.

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