Let’s go NaBloPoMo

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

At the urging of my friend Ms. Jen, I have signed up for NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. This obligates me to update Wordridden once a day for the entire month of November—I know, crazy, right? I’ll do my best, but it’s going to be a challenge, not least because I’ll be traveling for several days in November.

On the other hand, this might give me a lot of blog fodder. In fact, it’s bound to give me a lot of blog fodder, because after 7 years away, I’m finally going back to visit Germany—twice in the space of two weeks, in fact.

My first trip will be to Hamburg to visit my friend Schorsch (hi, Schorsch!). Schorsch is a translator, too, and we’ve been working on some very difficult but very rewarding projects over the past years, one of which will come to fruition next weekend—but I’m going to cheat and not write about it just yet.

The second trip will be with Jeremy to the sprawling city of Berlin. The last time I was in Berlin was about 1988, so it’s fair to say that a few things have probably changed since then. I don’t have a precise game plan for what I’ll get up to in the four days that I’ll be there, but I’m incredibly excited to be going.

So, over the next week I’ll be gearing up for NaBloPoMo 2007—and hoping that it’s the sort of jump start my poor blog needs to get it back into gear again…



I am very excited that you are participating in NaBloPoMo! hee hee hee….

Yeah! Daily thoughts or writings or tidbits from Jessica! Yeah!


Berlin - you’ll never believe it, but they’ve got an extension on the back. Literally doubled the size of the place. Just knocked down one wall and opened it right up. Think they’ve been watching ‘changing rooms’ or something.

Posted by RellyAB


Ms. Jen: I hope I can keep it up for a whole month—you’ll have to poke me if I start to flag…

Relly: :-D


I visited Berlin for my birthday last year and have just returned to living in Germany after 10 years in the UK. We did a brilliant guided cycle tour through Berlin. http://www.insidertour.com/

Posted by Nadine

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