Geek scrapbooking 101

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

I’ve tried my hand at a lot of crafts in my time—from cake decorating to flower arranging to beading to knitting—but until the day before yesterday, I’d never so much as dipped my toe into the vast waters that are the World of Scrapbooking.

I know scrapbooking is a huge thing in the States, but to be honest, I’ve never been entirely sure what the craft involved. Paper, sure, and lots of it, but then…? Luckily, I got my chance to find out the other night when my friend Relly held a scrapbooking class for Brighton geeks (and geeks-by-association). Relly was kind enough to provide all the supplies for us, and she did a great job of choosing beautiful papers and drawing up a design to guide us through our first scrapbook page.

The first stages of developing the page were comfortingly methodical: cutting out large shapes in paper and taping them to the background, and positioning the main picture on the page. I started to run into trouble, however, when we had to add a title to our page by alternately stamping and gluing on letters. My main picture was of Jeremy and me in Salisbury, so I decided to title my page “Salisbury”. “Salisbury” is, unfortunately, a rather long word, and not only did I leave too much space between the initial letters of the word, I also got lost halfway through and completely forgot the second “S”. So my title wound up being a little wonky, but as Relly encouraged us all to stop being such perfectionists and just enjoy the process, I let it go and moved on to the next fun part: embellishing!

Actually, embellishing brought its own anxieties with it. Faced with gaping blank spots on my scrapbook page and a pile of ribbons, stickers, flowers, rub-on transfers, stamps, sparkles and other bits and bobs…I had absolutely no idea what to do. But after tentatively placing a few flowers here and there, the floodgates opened, and pretty soon I was merrily snipping and sticking with abandon. Then the hard part was knowing when to stop. I mean, can you ever really have too much red glitter? No, I think not.

I didn’t precisely follow the principle of “less is more”, but I did try to rein myself in and at least keep a bit of balance to my page. And in the end, wonky title and all, I was really quite pleased with my first attempt at scrapbooking. I’ve now got a nice keepsake not only of a lovely weekend in Salisbury with Jeremy, but of a fun night getting crafty with friends. In fact, our whole little class was so pleased that we hope to make it a regular get-together—so there’s more glue, glitter and ink in my future!



My friend Julie Wanda has really fallen in love with scrapbooking. So much so, that she gave one of her roommates the boot and has turned the room into a scrappers paradise.

I really enjoyed the book arts / book making class that I took this summer. I plan on making journals for writing friends for Xmas.


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