Sunday, July 20th, 2008

After several weeks of preparation and anticipation, the Triple-Birthday-Cocktail-Palooza has come and gone, and a great time was had by all.

After decorating the venue yesterday with ribbons and balloons, I ran home and threw on my party clothes, and then Jeremy and I went straight back to In Vino Veritas to have a quick dinner. We were just finishing our seared duck when the first guests arrived at 8 and kicked off the party with the first round of cocktails—which were chosen by and named after Relly, Stephanie and myself.

As the evening progressed, our little cocktail bar really started to buzz, and when everyone was suitably loosened up, we unleashed our special birthday cake prank: a cake within a cake—or rather, a fake cake (a hatbox covered with roll-out icing) decorated to look like the cake from the game Portal enclosing a real cake bearing a picture of Rick Astley which was revealed to the strains of “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Yes, it was a Rickroll cake within a cake which was a lie, an in-joke within an in-joke, a cake that only a geek could love. Luckily it was a very geeky crowd. (Incidentally, the idea for the cake came from an Instructables entry that Relly found several weeks ago. The minute we saw it, we knew we had to do it—I just can’t believe we actually pulled it off!)

Between the joke cakes and the rum-based cocktails and the great company, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves last night—I know I certainly did. I was also really touched by how many people made the effort to get to our little soirée. Some came from out of town, some left other parties to come to ours, some came despite having to catch early flights the next morning, some came even though they didn’t know any of the other partygoers, and some kindly brought unexpected cards and gifts. I couldn’t have hoped for a lovelier evening, surrounded by friends and laughter and pretty dresses. So, thank you to everyone who came out, thank you to In Vino Veritas for keeping us supplied with tasty cocktails, and thank you to Relly and Steph for your mad crafty/organizational skillz and for conveniently having birthdays at around the same time as mine. I think I could get used to this triple-whammy-birthday-party thing!


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