Let them bake cake.

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Oops! I just realized I completely forgot to blog yesterday. Oh noes NaBloPoMoes!

In my defense, I spent all of yesterday afternoon baking and then decorating a massive birthday cake, and then I made pizza for dinner, and then I collapsed in a brain-dead heap on the sofa until it was a reasonable time for me to go to bed (i.e., not 10 p.m.). I was so exhausted that blogging didn’t even really cross my mind.

The massive cake is for tonight’s big “Triple-Birthday-Cocktail-Palooza”. My friends Relly and Steph also have mid-July birthdays, so we decided to throw a shindig for ourselves at In Vino Veritas and invite all our friends to come along for cocktails and celebration.

Not being the party-throwing type (it’s hard enough for me to get it together to invite people around for dinner), this is all a rather new experience for me, and I’m very happy to be doing this with friends (there’s no way I would have done it on my own). We’ve gone all out, with actual paper-based invitations, and the cake, and decorations, and everything. In just a few minutes, in fact, I’ll be heading off to decorate before rushing back here to get dolled up and put on my dancing shoes (well, my cocktail-drinking shoes, anyway).

And lucky me, this is just the start of my birthday celebrations; my real birthday is on Wednesday, when I’ll get to open all my presents and get taken out to dinner by my lovely husband (who already gave me an early birthday present of Tron on DVD—awesome!).

Whatever about “getting older”—this birthday thing is a lark!


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